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Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
2 is different. I played 1 way more then I did 2. I actually hardly played 2 because it didnt feel like a big enough jump. 3 is massively better and awesome. Using the excuse of wanting to go out and meet people doesnt work. Why bother playing any kind of interaction game when you can go out and do it yourself.
its not an excuse .. for me id rather go to a bar and meet people than pretend. guess what id rather buy a house than pretend as well . i don't like that kinda game .. i'v played it didn't like it .. deal with it

Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
How many manager games have you actually played? I've played plenty and MAJORITY of them were pretty shit. This is easily one of the best ones around and it sucks you in. Not playing it because you dont like other different managers isnt a viable reason to not play it.
enough to know i dont like the genre /end/

Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Not rubbish. I thought fifa was shit. I started liking it recently because the newer versions are actually good. Where as pro evo was my fave, it is now my most detested. I cant stand watching tennis or golf, but I'll play certain games in their genre. We're talking games here. Liking football is a good enough reason to play a football game. But in the end its a game that you're playing, not watching on tv. So its completely different.
not its not rubbish .. its UTTER rubbish .. to suggest because i follow Spurs i MUST like a mgmt footy game .. LOL .. utter utter rubbish
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