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Originally Posted by Kiryu1985
The last anime I watched was Devil May Cry episode 1, damn did it suck, I was expecting Nightwarriors or something along the lines of Street Fighter the movie and 2V, but it was just a generic Trigun clone.

Anime really started to suck for the last 8 years, not enough action and comedy, but too much yapping and story, I think its because there are too many series instead of full length movies, because in the past you had kick ass stuff like Ninja Scroll, Akira, and Wrath of the Ninja, what about now? Any good full length anime movies? I watched Steamboy, and it was meh, too serious, no comedy like in Spirited Away or Kiki's Delivery Service.

I'm into japanese dramas right now, they feel more realistic and some really have good storylines.
I pretty much feel the exact same way, except that I loved Steamboy and didn't like Spirited Away. I've pretty much given up on anime at this point.

I tried a few Japanese dramas but the only one I liked is A Million Stars Falling From the Sky, really good stuff. I prefer Korean ones, the newest one I have watched is The Devil, so damn good its not even funny. The story was excellent, so were the main actors (the lawyer guy in particula) and especially the soundtrack. Awesome (and kept you guessing) from start to finish (there are 20 eps).
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