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Originally Posted by Reality
I don't see the point of going to a wedding. You'll just have to go to court 2 years later for the divorce all the same.
I know!

Originally Posted by Palilonio
I would hate to have my wedding tape recorded. Frame by frame, moment by moment. You would lose the nostalgic feeling of reminiscing on the event just the way you remember.
I agree, and the camera picks up ambient sound way too well and the whole thing is pretty much ruined. The first wedding I did (the one I got paid to do) was the best. I actually didn't use any original sound at all. Instead I had background music. I also did lots of slow motion, time compression, and focused mainly on the money shots rather than them just standing there looking at the ordained child molester at the alter. Still sucked, though. My friend's wedding was basically a videotape of a Catholic mass. B O R I N G!
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