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Joe Redifer ~ "Where are Icarus and Gearhound to give my Ys VI review some love? Everyone NEEDS Ys VI now!"

Well, I just got on awhile ago and was dealing with the usual stuff on these forums. Finally, you've reviewed Ys VI! A bitchin' awesome review for a bitchin' awesome game, as I expected. Yeah, so Crevia is pretty spunky. I loved her snobbish, holier-than-thou attitude towards Adol. "A-AHEM!" Will she play a role in the sequel? Doubtful. What's interesting is that because Falcom is returning to Felugana from Ys III, they could potentially return to Canaan Islands in the future, or Adol can meet up again with some of the characters.

BTW Joe, you didn't answer my original question about import Saturn softs. Did you ignore my post?
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