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I had forgot how much I didn't like FFX towards the end, I also bought the digital version, so I can't trade it in when I'm done. I used the expert grid this time, so far it's a straight port. The work SE did on the main character models makes them seem out of place, the framerate is exactly the same as it was on the PS2, the cut-scenes and fmv's can't be skipped, and the load times are longer than they originally were on the PS2, even my bootleg of international loads faster on my PS2. I'm restarting with the normal sphere grid to run through the game as soon as possible just to get the trophy for learning the al bhed language. I honestly feel like skipping X and going straight to X-2, oh yeah, there is no option for Japanese voices. I feel like it's a pretty weak HD port, not as bad as ZoEHD or Splinter Cell and PoPHD, but still damn lazy.
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