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Originally Posted by progmetal View Post
Bought this on the PSN sale.
Human Revolution is very entertaining, well worth the discounted price.

Originally Posted by Badrats Studio View Post
Not exactly the same as pictured, but I bought this half an hour ago
That looks delicious. It reminds me of chicken fried rice, which I can't seem to get enough of. I would order it everyday if I could.

Edit: Doing some research on Nasi-Goreng, I found out that it is the Indonesian version of fried rice. You have great taste. I order that all the time. I typically do not order it when I can have sushi. But I tried a house style fried rice once and it was basically the same dish but with a combination of meats. I have only seen Vietnamese dishes place the egg on top the dish, which is probably one of the best additions to the meal imo.

Picked this up off the PSN.
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