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Shining Force II is a great game so far....I've only been playing about 2 hours. Your review is good and right on so far. Everything has been improved on even if only a little. Thank God they spent more time improving the music. I can hear the same musical instruments as G&G but also some from Castle of Illusion. I'm looking forward to finishing this game in the, hopefully, near future.

Your review of Zelda was good. I enjoyed the game more than you but not by much. I constantly cringed as I had to go back to the hourglass dungeon over and over. Way to repetitive and time consuming. It's a total bore waiting to sneak past the guards. Stunning them with arrows was ok but still boring. It was only worth it when I was able to kill them. I know there are some islands that are out there that I never found but I really didn't feel the desire to find them. I also had problems with my hand covering the screen as I moved in one direction. I could rarely do the roll as I think it was more of a oval action and not a circle. The control over all was fair as there were times I couldn't slash my sword even though I was doing the correct motion. The best thing this game had for it was the boss battles. They were each enjoyable from the 1st to the last. It's strange that I didn't enjoy this game as I really liked Wind Waker. Probably my least favorite Zelda game. Manual controls would have worked better and should have been an option.
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