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I am a huge Animal Crossing fan, but I still didn't really like Nintendogs. I don't think the genre have anything to do with it. Animal Crossing just have so many things to do and there are a lot of different way to collect stuff and there is also special events and some you don't know when it would happen like raining or and old Animal visiting or even that bird that can be found in the beach etc. There is also NES games. I always play them to kill time until Tom Noke open his shop. There is also fishing and catching bugs and I think it is fun searching for them and then trying to catch them and there is also the Tailors. I can make my own cloths and in an easy and simple way etc.
What Nintendogs have? Going in a walk that spend long and you may or you may not even have the chance to get a present. Even thought I am in the beginning, I still get items that I already have. The Dog also gets tired if I played sport with him too much and I cannot take him to a walk only after half hour of rest. What would I do after my Dog learn all the moves and won all the contests and just went for a walk and bought all the items that available in the shop? Nintendogs is just very limited compared to the masterpiece, Animal crossing. Animal crossing may also be somewhat limited, but there are always a reason to play the game other then going to a walk.
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