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Sniper Elite V2 was somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine(mediocre shooter but the fantastic sniping and X-ray kill cam elevated the experience for me) and this game actually improves on the previous one in a lot of ways. Controls are better, standard weapons(handgun, machine gun) are better to handle and the game looks generally better. Now this isn't 'next-gen' by any stretch of the imagination since its pretty obvious they are on a budget here, but within these limited means they are pretty good.

I played through the first 3 missions and the biggest difference I noticed is that the levels are much more open-ended with various objectives hidden across branching paths. There are way too many invisible walls to consider this game 'open world' but the strength of the levels is in the lay-out: there are huge distances to cover in which you can put your sniping skills to the test. And even the X-ray kill cam has more animations so it entices to get even more ehmmm....creative. :p

All in all great game espescially for fans of the series. I'm glad they fixed a lot of the issues that held back the previous game though budget constraints are still somewhat apparent(espescially in regard to texture quality and invisible walls). But anyways, if you enjoyed sniper elite V2(which, despite all its blemishes, I personally loved) I doubt you'll be disappointed by this one.
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