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Rambo III
Sega Genesis

Poor Rambo. So misunderstood.

Rambo III is based on the recent hit movie called Rambo III. Recent at the time of this game's release, anyway. Or at least kind of recent. Actually not really. This game came out about a year later and was preceded by an Operation Wolf-esque Master System version. This version controls similar to Ikari Warriors or the overhead levels of Super Contra 4 (without the rotation). This game, though, has Blast Processing™ which makes it stand out above all other games ever made.

Oh noes! Colonel Trautman is captures!

Story: 6/10
Watch the movie! After that go see Rambo, now playing at a movie theater near you! This game doesn't really follow the movie too well, it only bears a resemblance to it. Rambo does not cry in this movie nor in this game. That's why the original First Blood is the best. Also the original First Blood stole a death scream from the arcade Golden Axe, so that makes it rule even more! David Caruso PWNZ.

Even Rambo isn't tough enough for this crazy mission.
He needs YOU to help him succeed!

Graphics: 5/10
Not bad for their time, but you must remember that this is a very early Genesis game and it only has 2 MEGA POWER. All of the stages are overhead and the bonus rounds are from Rambo's sexy muscular back. The sheer power of the Genesis is used in these scenes to provide multiple layers of scrolling as you move back and forth. Genesis Does! You can't do this on Nintendo!

Not even an intense Soviet helicopter can defeat the likes of Rambo!

Sound: 5/10
Not too much going on in the sound department, but I did like the sound that is used in the "dungeon" music where your goal is to rescue some asshole and then GTFO. Sounds cinematic and way better than a NES game. An oddly happy tune starts playing when you're running for the exit, and it is just absurd. There is a simple "Ooof!" whenever Rambo dies, but unfortunately it is just some Japanese guy and not Sylvester Stallone. Why he did not record his own "Ooof!" for this game is beyond me. Maybe he was taking a shit that day.

When you're pushed, killin's just as easy as breathin'.

Gameplay: 6/10
Well, you run around and shoot things as well as murder lots and lots of people who could have otherwise gone on and lead productive lives and contributed to human society in a positive way. But nope. You murder them before they even get that chance. Rambo knows no mercy. I like that. In your arsenal are your standard rapid fire machine gun with unlimited ammo, time bombs which quickly count down from 5 to 0, a knife for close encounters and arrows which charge as you hold the button down. You use these arrows in the bonus rounds to shoot down tanks and helicopters as well. There are a couple of large mazes you must run through to rescue people. Must suck to be an employee there, trying to find the timeclock. You can't ride in any vehicles or play a weird sports game with a dead animal and that really hurts this game. Running around is responsive and all that, but it is easy to die and the game is fairly short.

It takes a tank to defeat an HGH-powered Rambo!

Wrap up:
Not quite as good as the movie, and definitely shorter. Maybe Sega will release a new Genesis cartridge with 64 MEGA POWER for the new movie simply called "Rambo".
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