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Super Metroid
Super Nintendo

Only for Nintendo. No Atari Lynx version??

Since I beat Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii, I became a little more curious about the Metroid franchise so I figured I should play through some of the other games. I've always owned Super Metroid, but never played for more than a few hours and certainly never beat it until now. The story has something to do with the awful Gameboy Metroid 2. In order to prepare, I watched a speed run of that game on the internet so I knew the story and the happenings of that atrocious thing. All caught up in the ongoing literary masterpiece that is the Metroid storyline, I plugged the cartridge into my SNES (which is shaped differently that most of the other games so you can rip the cart out without turning off the power first) and gave it a go. This review will attempt to explain my opinions on this game. Yeah.

Typical Super Metroid scene.

Graphics: 7/10
The SNES can do much better than this, but overall most things look decent. Many of the bosses are well drawn and crap like that. The areas are pretty large and feature varying backgrounds, but there really isn't anything that stands out. The Brinstar area from the first game doesn't look much better than it did on the NES save for the extra layer of scrolling. The game has some transparencies in certain areas which disappear whenever you set off a super bomb or an onscreen text box appears. The visuals certainly aren't bad in any way and you'll always know where you are due to the design of the various stages, and I like the fact that Samus's sprite isn't simply flipped when facing the opposite direction like most 2D games are. She always shoots with her right hand, even when facing left. Still, with 24 freakin' huge megs, I think they could have done a bit better.

This boss was the only one I really had any trouble with.
I fought him by using all of my missiles when I was supposed
to use my grapple beam and fry him as shown.

Sound: 7/10
The game opens with a flaming homosexual telling you that the last metroid is in captivity and as a result gay marriage has been legalized. There is no other speech in the game. There are some pretty cool sounding yelps and screams that the monsters make, though. Some of the music is fairly good and the rest is just kind of ambient. Usually it works pretty well, but I did find myself pressing MUTE a few times when it got on my nerves after being in the same area for too long. The sound quality is the typical muffled sound the SNES likes to make with the typical SNES reverb added to everything as well. There are virtually no frequencies above 2000Hz here. But then again, there probably aren't in any SNES game. It just has a very muffled sound chip which attempts to compensate with reverb.

The SNES has great graphics!

Gameplay: 8/10
You're all most likely familiar with the exploration nature of Metroid games. This is the first Metroid with a mapping system. I like the mapping system in the Castlevania games much better than this one because you can see which rooms have doors you haven't been through, etc. When you get a new power up in Super Metroid, you must run around the entire game just to see if there's any place you haven't been that your new powers could grant you access to. You're almost better off making your own map, that way you can mark down items that you couldn't quite get to and know to come back to that spot. The controls are a bit weak, especially the jumping. There is a wall jump that is almost impossible for me to do and pissed me off to no end. The wall jump is harder than any boss in the game. For some reason the small pterodactyl seems to be a major boss in the game since he was in the intro. And the final boss has to be the easiest boss fight ever. Not the easiest final boss fight, but the easiest boss fight in any game ever made. I don't think it is even possible to lose! The game has instances of slowdown whenever you set off a super bomb and a few other places, but you get used to it. I did have fun with the exploration and revisiting areas with my new powers.

Wrap up:
Super Metroid is a fun game to play through, but I do think it is a touch overrated. I will say that it is the best 2D Metroid ever, however I haven't really played the GBA versions much, so maybe that isn't the case. The game's manual urges you to rush through the game as fast as possible otherwise you'll get a shittier ending. Whatever you do, don't take time to savor the journey and enjoy yourself! RUSH RUSH RUSH! I do prefer Metroid Prime 3 on the Wii to this game which is amazing since I tend to enjoy 2D games more. Why the same score? Because this game is still very enjoyable and works quite well. I didn't say I enjoyed MP3 craploads more than this one.
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