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Sega Genesis

The very first 4 meg free roaming
tank shooter on the Genesis!

Granada is a Wolf Team tank shooter where you must destroy certain targets before taking on a stage boss and then going to the next stage type of game that was released by Renovation (Telenet's US arm) back in 1990. Of course my experience is with the Japanese Mega Drive version which was not changed at all for the US release, not even the text. Since I had a US Genesis, the game detected that and all of the text was in Engrish. Play the same cartridge on a Japanese Mega Drive and much of the text is in Japanese. Play it on a European Mega Drive and you are screwed because it is so slow. This is why the world does not need Europe and should dispose of it. I think even Europe would agree.

You must shoot the nests which spawn baby tanks to kill you!

Graphics: 5/10
The graphics here are pretty weak for the most part. The sprites are teeny-tiny, but this doesn't impair gameplay. Nor do the drab backgrounds and yucky patterned textures. But there are some cool effects here and there like scaling, rotation and some nice explosions. I like how when you fire your mega-cannon it kicks you back a few paces. Nice touch. Also when you shoot things you can see them taking hits. They just don't sit still like other games, they move when hit just like you would if hit in the chest with my mighty foot. The pics on this page make it kind of difficult to make out your tank, but when you play the game you can see it without problems. Some levels offer nice parallax scrolling, and I especially like stage 2 which puts you on top of a giant airborne craft as the clouds and ground pass by below (although very slowly if you are playing in Europe).

Jumpin' Jehosephat! The boss of the first
stage tries to squash your hopes and dreams!

Sound: 8/10
I debated whether to give the sound a 7 or an 8 because there are a couple very mediocre music tracks here and there. But I decided on 8 because the good tracks are very good (stage 2 is my favorite). There are a few voices which announce special powerups which sound almost exactly like super-scratchy versions of the voices in Thunder Force IV. Dumb bitch-whore. Also the sound effects are quite nice and really add to the game, and it is presented in moderate stereo so overall I think my rating fits. The music was done by fabled videogame composer Motoi Sakuraba, and it is hard to rank anything he does less than 8. Notice how I bolded all of the numbers when I typed them. Does that make you happy? It should. Also there is a hot chick on the TV right now as I type this. What do you think of that?

This rotating boss means to cause you harm!

Gameplay: 8/10
This game is filled with non-stop shooting from the second you enter stage one to the second you defeat the final boss on the last stage (you can stop shooting after that). There are 8 stages total. You must seek out and destroy targets on the map before you can fight the stage boss. You can get special powerups like heat seeking missiles, but that don't stay with you from stage to stage because you lose them on your journey from one stage to the next (you never have been very good at keeping track of your belongings). It's a game of average difficulty, and you won't be beating it right away. The stages have quite a bit of variety from one to the next and the action can get quite intense, just like your mom in bed. I don't know what the game has to do with the real Granada, but who cares? The game offers tons of non-stop fast-paced free-roaming tank-shootin' fun, especially if you are a fan of non-stop fast-paced free-roaming tank shooters! Buy three copies today!

This stage shows off the amazing transparency features of the Genesis.

Wrap up:
A good game originally on the Sharp X68000 but available NOW for your Sega Genesis (also with 68000 processor).
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