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Originally Posted by Catharsis
Hey all, Im a noob.

My name is Rob. I have decided to yet again try to find a forum home on the net. Past trys all ended up badly becouse I am the anti-fanboy and Im VERY vocal about my opinions. Thus I tend to be disliked becouse the majority of all forums are populated by the people I dislike so much. Fanboys realy ruin gaming comunitys for the wrest of us and the ones that dont even know they are fanboys make it even worse

That said I try to get along with everyone until I just cant stand it and take off. Hopefully that dosent happen here.

Some things to note when dealing with me.

1. I am not a spelling/grammar proffessor. So if you call me out on spelling mistakes to make me look like my opinions are any less valid I will ignore you completely.

2. I am a fan of Listing off things

3. I rock.

4. I only own 3 consoles ATM. 360, Virtual Boy, and Neo Geo Pocket(and my PC).

5. I am a WoW fiend.

Anyways, it will be nice getting to know you all. Im off to work on my profile.
You are a fanboy, your thoughts are all biased and wrong, and…retard because of your wrongful spelling and grammer!!1! I knew there was something wrong in you when I first saw your posts; I simply knew that you were a biased blind unforgivable fanboy!
You that call them self “fanboy haters” and not “whore” are usually the worst of all types, they never listen or accepts other opinions, if not at all, they never bother getting another person reason and mainly they are hypocrite liars!
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