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Daigasso! Band Brothers~NDS-Music

This game was originally a GBA launch title, but it get canceled, I guess, because the lack of X and Y buttons. That game uses Midi music and also has weak graphics that GBA can handle. This game also uses the R and L button creatively. These shoulder buttons where one of GBA features back then.
Nintendo knew that replacing the original soundtrack with American music wouldn't be a good idea and the game will end up bad like Donkey Konga, but if they did not change it, the mainstream will reject it and see that feature as a disadvantage, so Nintendo did not bother releasing this game outside of Japan.
It seems that Nintendo are trying to make this game go on for ever as there main music game. Nintendo first made a downloadable music that can be downloaded by the play Yan and now they released an expansion pack in a GBA cart, instead of making a sequel!

This picture dose really show the gameplay and describe it fully and simply.

Thing is. Both the sound effect and the music I don't know what to call it to be honest.
Choose from 1-8 instruments (Depends on the music) then start playing the music that you picked and start making the music. Each button has a different note. It is a matter of timing pressing the buttons that they show on the screen to make the music. It depends on the notes if you have to hold it or not and how long you have to hold it. Yes, that means you really do make the music it is not like other music games, which lets you press buttons that has nothing to do with the song.
After reaching far enough in the game they will add a new element. Holding R or L or both or not holding any one of them then pressing any of the 8 notes buttons will make a different note, for an example if they made a note that has Left and on top of it R, you will have to hold R then press Left, so that it counts that you hit the note. In this way you can perfectly make the music just like the way it was by your self! It isn?t easy, thought and dose need a lot of getting used to and training to master it. Don?t worry, you can turn it on or off, but you have to finish it to unlock something!
The drums instruments plays differently then any other instruments. R and L are used as extra buttons and you don?t need to hold any button to play any notes unlike any other instruments.

No, it is not a map nor a menu or radar. The extra screen is now used for a decoration!!!1! w00t

In the signal player mode, you can choose between about more then 35 music. Each instrument on a song has different difficulty from very easy (1 star) to very hard (5 stars). In the end they will rate your play. The soundtrack is fantastic, there are a lot of great music like Seasons, Melissa, Ready steady go!, Kirby's star Medley etc. it may not be Perfect, but great not the less. There is another mode called record or something like that. In that mode they will choose 3 random music with random instruments and you will only have 100 chances, if you made 100 mistakes the bomb will explode and you will have to repeat it, but with different randomly choosing music and instrument. If you finish it you then can play the instruments that have more stars, keep doing that until you beat the game. Note that if you paused on the record mode you will be forced to quit the game, so be careful, but thankfully that is only on record mode.
The thing which I hate about the game is that when playing on any instrument, the instrument that you are playing will have the loudest sound and that really annoys me when I am playing a song that I like, because it makes it sound noisy.

You can play from 2-8 players with only one game and on top of that you don?t have the need to download the game dozen of times to play a different music. One time is enough. Playing multiplayer, each player chooses an instrument and you all should work as a band to make the music. Instead of the other instrument being played automatically your cousins will be the once that play it. In the end they will rate your play. It is in fact a good idea and very fun. You can also play with unlimited players, but each one of them should own there own Band Brother Game to play it. I couldn?t try that mode, because I am one of the very few people in the whole country that actually own the game!

Some times you need to touch the screen by your hand to make it play some notes automatically. You guess it, it adds nothing to the gameplay.

Finally there is edit mode. There are two ways to make your music, one is the simple and quick way, but being simple and quick is what made it unplayable and unusable. You can only make a song that last about a minute and all the note will be in random instruments and you can only choose 4 types of music like sad, happy, cheerful, angry.
The other is pro edit mode; it may not be the perfect tool, but still works great for making music. Keep in mind that you will have to understand music language to make music!
Some may do find it complicated, but I still could somewhat figure it out by my self with a little help. It still needs a lot of time and I still need to actually think of an original music or at lest think what music should I make from my favorites, so I had a great idea and that to not make one from the beginning and save my self the trouble. You can only save 8 songs anyway and that is very few if you ask me. I think 20 is the lest number and 8 is nothing.

About graphics, like what you saw on the first picture. A wooden/metal background with unclear pictures on both sides and in the middle is black with some white lines that notes are writing on it, each with different colors. The graphics is very weak, but still done the job right knowing that it is just a music game and they had to make it look like that. They still could have done better, but it would still not make that much of a different.

Only a gifted person like me can make such a masterpiece like this! Note the long haired guy on the right!

Gameplay (7/10)
Graphics (5/10)
Sound (8/10)
Length (8/10)
Daigasso! Band Brothers (28/40)

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