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Yoshi Touch & Go~NDS-guiding

First of all, this game is all about gameplay and nothing more, the Sound are NDS quality and the music are few and some of them are remix music from Yoshi Island, the new music fit just in the game so I have no problem with it and again they are NDS quality and the game have more details then Yoshi Island but not in the level that you can notice a big difference and the game is very colorful, they really made a good use of the colors and the background are just a beautiful colorful picture that changes the farther you go, they are not just one picture that keep repeating and again this game is better animated then Yoshi Island but it dose not make a notable difference.
Note that this game, relay on replay value.

There is a two player mode that only needs 1 cart to play it, but I did not try it because I have no one to play with
I just wish that I have 9 brothers and sisters not only 2 and they are twins, therefore I count them as one and off course they want to play good games but they cannot, because they want to copy cat all the other sheep, therefore they only play Winning Eleven and GT.

Yoshi Touch & Go have 2 modes and some modes that you have to unlock, they are pretty good and different then these other two modes and they are more challenging.
In this game, there are two parts, the first one is the sky part which is short and mostly only %30 of the game mode.

Sky Part
The Top screen shows Baby Mario and the Touch screen is where you control the game. The gameplay is very simple.
Baby Mario falls in the sky, then all what you have to do is drew clouds to guide him to the ground, but off course if you drew a lot of clouds the older once will disappear, so don't drew them with out any reason and you have to draw clouds to avoid enemies. Get as much coins as you can and if you get 5 or more coins in a raw you will get some extra points (Note that points and coins are the same thing) and you need to get a lot of coins to change Yoshi color, because the more coins you get the faster and more eggs Yoshi will have after finishing the sky part. If you drew some clouds by mistake and you want to remove them, just blow on NDS and they will all go and if you drew a lot of clouds then blow on them then Baby Mario will go up to the top of the top screen. Note that in the option screen, you can choose how high the mic sense will be, but what strange is that you can put the mic off, what good will that do!
You can go to the option screen in any time you want and there is even an option that called PictoChat Search. (I think the name speaks for it self ;) )
The last thing that I have to say about the sky part is that, you can make bubbles by drawing circles, but you should drew a real circle and in the right size not a big, or not right, or small, or half a circle and don't drew a lot of circles, just drew a circle then after it untouch the screen, then you can drew another bubble.
People it is not as hard or bad as it sound, because you can make them very easily, they just put this, so that the game can be more challenging and so that you not just beat it, in the first or second try, so you need to drew a right bubble in other words, you have to master drawing a circle and if you drew a circle on any enemy, they will turn in to coins, either yellow or blue or red
You can even draw circle on coins, so that you can turn them in to bubbles then threw them to Baby Mario.
And that?s it for the sky part.

Ground Part
Now Baby Mario will be on top of Yoshi and the game take place mostly in the Touch screen in the Top screen there is coins (threw eggs on them to get them)and enemies will appear, the enemies are all from Yoshi Island I never remembering seeing any not familiar faces and every one of them have his own thing to do, for an example, one of them is just flying in the Top screen, doing nothing he is just there, so that you kill him and get coins and some fly in Touch or Top screen from left to right or up to down, you got the picture. In the ground part, you can do all what you can do in the sky part and more, because you can jump by just touching Yoshi, the more you touch him the higher he will jump and if you touch him when he is in the air he will flute, you can do it a million time, he will never get tired, but it dose need timing, because if you keep doing it one after the other, Yoshi will go to the top screen and then you cannot touch him and if you wait he will quickly fall, so be careful if you are trying to cross a big hole.
Yoshi can threw eggs (the weakest Yoshi can get mix of 20 eggs) by just touching the screen (just touch it and then quickly untouch the screen)Yoshi will threw an egg, you can kill enemies by it and you can even do combos, by hitting a lot of enemies and/or coins, the more enemy and/or coins you hit the more extra points you will get. You have to eat fruits to get eggs, you can eat it, just by letting Yoshi be close to the fruits, then he will eat it by him self, but note that you cannot eat enemies so either use eggs to kill them or avoid them. Now, Yoshi dies by just one hit, so that the game can be a little more challenging.

Finally I will explain the two modes that you get from the start.
The first on is Score Attack, your goal is to get the highest score, note that the level dose not change, so you can easily know what will happen and what enemy will appear, in that way, you have to master the level to get the highest score, but believe me, it will not be something easy that you will do it in your first or third tries, I for one only got about 8 points higher then what I should get and I should get 300 points. The second mode is Marathon and in this mode you should go as far as you can (to finish it, you should walk at lest 3000 yds(off course you can go farther))and the day changes and such and if you died you can choose either continue from the first part or the second one, if you choose the second one your Yoshi that you get is the one that you will play with, but after you close the game you have to start all over the only thing that the game saves is the ranking and the unlockable modes and that is a good thing off course and there cannot be found any problem with that. Like all Nintendo games, this game saves every time you do or get something and there is only one file and again it is not a bad thing, because in that way you can compete with others who have the higher score. You can select a picture to put it as your sign that you get the score (for me I put the classic Toad picture )
If you die in this mode everything changes, but still, I think it is easier then the Score Attack mode, but if you died you have to start from 0 or 500yds (Note that goes to all the modes you will start from the score that you get in the first part) but still, I cannot take it as a bad thing because if so, then the game would have been an easy and boring game. In this mode (Marathon) the points are used to get a star, every time you get 100 points/coins a star will appear, if you get it you will play as Baby Mario and he can threw unlimited stars (they are just like eggs) and he can only die if he fall in a hole other then that, nothing can kill him, but this will not stay forever so when the star time finish every thing go back to normal. Note that the Star is not on every mode and in every mode the point have something to do either score like Score Attack mode or points to get a star like in Marathon the other modes, I cannot talk about them, because my reviews are better then these other sites reviews and that because I don't spoil the game. I want to help people, not to get money from a hardware company.

PS-In case you are wondering, Yoshi walks in a straight line by him self.

Gameplay: (9/10)
Graphics: (5/10)
sound: (6/10)
Longevity: (6/10)
Yoshi Touch & Go: (26/40)

it is a good game and all, but I cannot give it high if it only concentrate on one thing.
This game is not for every one and surely not for kids either, so if you know someone that have it try it, if you like it buy it, but if you don't know anyone that have it, then just rant it and if you liked the game buy it.

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