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Who said that,I have no problem with the control,don't tell me you belived what IGN and EGM and the like of them said about the NDS version because they just want the NDS to look bad
they are just some idiots that worship Sony

I will tell you how to control Mario it is very easy just move your thumb leaft Mario will go leaft move you thumb right Mario will go right ect
is that too hard to control?
even my 9 years old cousien(girl) say it is easy to control
what a littel girl is better gamer then all of them??
just give it a try
I only speaned less then 1 minute to learn the control and I know that you are better gamer then I am so just try it and see for your self it may have some problems but in some areas it is better then the N64 control
just give it at most 5 minute
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