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Lunar - The Silver Star
Sega CD

The instruction manual was embossed, which
supposedly made it better than other manuals.

Lunar is an original (as far as I know) role playing game (sometimes known as "RPG") for the Sega CD. It was made by Game Arts (famous for Silpheed) and translated by Working Designs. Victor Ireland of Working Designs did some of the translation and threw in some of his own touches to the text. Despite this obvious downturn, the translation turned out pretty good, and so did the game.

In the beginning of the game Luna shows her mad
singing skillz with a song consisting of only one word.

Story: 8/10
The story revolves around a bunch of teenagers. Despite the fact that teenagers don't count as real people, the story is still Lunar's strong point and is very enjoyable for the most part. Alex is the main character and a crapload of other characters will join and desert Alex as often as they possibly can. Alex wants to become a Dragonmaster or some such nonsense and thus the story goes. Reading is required for this game, which explains why it was banned in Arkansas and Alabama.

Phallic symbols sticking out of the
ground will replenish all of your power.

Graphics: 6/10
The graphics run in the Genesis' wimpy low-resolution mode which is a pathetic 256x224. Real games run at 320x224, but not Lunar. Still the colors are decent and everything looks fairly OK. The cut scenes don't have much animation at all, and most TurboGrafx-16 CDs put Lunar to shame with their cut scenes. What the hell? This is from the peeps who did Silpheed? Could have used more Mode 7.

You may think you are looking at a high-powered arcade game or maybe even the Xbox360, but you'd be wrong. This is the raw scaling power
of the Sega CD which will blow you out of your chair and through the back wall with its pure awesomeness. Nothing can prepare you!

Sound: 7/10
The music by Noriyuki Iwadare is pretty good, but as is typical for Iwadare it certainly isn't anything mindblowing. Unlike the Sega CD sequel the music is full CD quality so it has that going for it. The sound effects are produced by the Genesis itself and are VERY loud and scratchy. Fortunately I have a Genesis 1/Sega CD 1 combo which allows me to adjust the sound effects lower to better balance with the music. Genesis 2/CDX/Wondermega/X'Eye/LaserActive/Aiwa CSD-GM1 and emulator users are screwed in this department and must endure the overly loud effects. The voice acting is pretty cheesey and is almost worthy of a Saturday morning cartoon. Almost. Victor Ireland loves his in-game voices to be cheesey. There aren't many voices here, though. The opening song is also cheesey. They should have left it in Japanese.

Here's what the battle scene looks like. Yay!
Damn, those characters are sure powered up!

Gameplay: 8/10
Lunar keeps you involved and coming back again and again. That is good. The battles are handled quite well and are very speedy. Loading is not an issue in this game and happens very quickly. Game Arts "fixed" this in Lunar 2 by making that game move, fight, and load at slower than a snail's pace. It is because of the briskness that my enjoyment of this game increased. Items are easily managed as well as all of that BS. The one thing that really irks me about this game is the amount of characters who constantly join and leave your party. You never get a chance to know them. Once someone learns a great spell that you love using in battle, they split or get sick or something of that nature. By the time the game is over, virtually every character and NPC in the game will have been part of your party at one point. Or so it seems. Just give me a bunch of good characters and let them stick it out with me. Many people complain that the game is too easy and too short. It is a tad easy, but it's fun and lasts many hours, so who cares? I do kind of agree about the length, though. I feel it would have been better if the game were 5 or 10 minutes longer. The ending is fairly mediocre unfortunately, and features a lame voice quip that loser Victor Ireland insisted be put in after the credits. It makes no sense, has zero relevance to anything and certainly isn't humorous. Victor Ireland needs a beating and we should bomb Ireland (the country) just to be sure.

OMG she is teh hotness!!

Wrap Up:
Lunar is a great RPG to play through for the Sega CD. Every Sega CD owner who likes RPGs to any degree should have it. If you like your RPGs to have a brisk pace with little loading, this is for you. Whatever you do, do NOT play Lunar 2 directly after playing this game or you will throw your Sega CD out the window due to that game's slowness and unresponsiveness compared to this game.

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