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LOL --- Joe, That was quick on getting to the review. Now transbot will fade back into obscurity.

I have had that game forever but don't remember playing a whole lot of it in the 80's or once I got the import cart versions. Obviously, by your ratings, I can see why it never stuck out in my mind as a memorable game.

One thing after seeing your shots I noticed. The game looks very similar to the Famicom game "Transformers: Mystery of Comvoy by Takara" both the ships & robot. The big difference is in the color schemes. TF was another very bland and sorry shooter that also had the very rare feature you pointed out. Being able to be two things in a game instead of just one (Transbot = Ship & Robot) (Transformers = Truck & Robot). Aside from that cool feature, the game blew. It had a pattern that once you got down became so repetitive that it would put you to sleep faster than watching the 2nd half of (Spike Lee's - Malcolm X).

Wonder if that is George Castanza's hand holding the card?
Wasn't there an episode on Seinfeld where he was gonna be a "hand model"?
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