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Daytona USA
Sega Dreamcast

Hasbro? Yup, they owned the Daytona game rights,
so they had to be the ones to distribute this.

Daytona USA is one of the best, most fun, and kookiest racing games ever to be created. It started out as a fantastic arcade game and migrated home on Sega consoles, spawning 3 different versions. There was even an arcade sequel called Daytona 2 that didn't get as much attention and no home conversions, unfortunately. For this review we'll be looking at the ultimate version of Daytona, the Sega Dreamcast version. Whereas the arcade and original Saturn versions of Daytona were programmed by Sega's awesome AM2 team, this one was made by Sega's legendary Amusement Vision team. You'll remember them from such amazingly fantastic games as Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 as well as F-Zero GX, all for the Gamecube.

Science and religion find common ground! It's called
"Holy Canyon" yet there are tons of dinosaur fossils in it.

Story: 10/10
The story to this game is amazing. Your girlfriend has been kidnapped and is being held hostage by the evil warlord, and you are on a mission to get her back! The evil warlord shows no mercy and also intends on conquering the world and enslaving its people, so you figure that you might as well stop his plans for doing that as well. But first things first... time to race!

Brue brue skiiiiees!!
Brue brue skies I see!

Graphics: 10/10
Dare I say that these graphics are better than the arcade? Damn straight I do, and there ain't nothin' you can do about it. Silky-smooth 60 frames per second at all times and the 480p and VGA is absolutely stunning. There is no flicker, slowdown or pop up either. This is the Dreamcast at its best. The draw distances can be quite amazing (especially for the time) and the colors are beautiful. Notice how the shadows of the canyons or whatever you happen to be driving by lay on the car. It's just like real life! Sheer brilliance is all I can say. Wheeeee! The "fat tires" on my favorite car do look kind of odd, and that's really the only negative thing I can say. But I got used to 'em. I figured that I was just mad tight phiggidy phat fo' realz yo and that's why I had the lowrider tires. This game is definitely "arcade quality", and that's putting it lightly. This really looks like it's running on the Gamecube, and looks much better than many PlayStation 2 racers by a significant amount.

A track from the second Saturn version of
Daytona, only this time it's actually FUN!

Sound: 10/10
Pure genius! Takenobu Mitsuyoshi's arcade tracks were very, uh, unique. But they sure did grow on you, and how! Tracks like "Rolling Start" and "Let's Go Away" were extremely catchy, and let's not forget "Blue Blue Skies" with its outright corniness that simply makes it beyond classic. I have to admit that the Saturn version of Daytona USA has the best sounding versions of the tunes that were in the arcade game (way better than the arcade itself), but the versions here are in no way to be considered bad. You can even assign certain music to certain race tracks, and the original arcade music is also included. The versions in this game were redone by Wavemaster and Wavemaster rarely disappoints. They came up with extremely catchy new music for the additional tracks as well. The new stuff is fabulous! None of the music from Daytona CCE was reused for this game, and nobody is complaining about that. The brand of uniqueness in the music as well as the catchy new stuff and outright coolness factor guarantees you're in for a good musical time. The sound effects are adequate as well as the voices. This game utilizes the same ?ber gay announcer that is in Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2. Listen when the radio voice says "watch your speed" because that means you are about to crash if you don't slow down RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!

Any idea who made this game?

Gameplay: 9/10
Wow this game is addictive! Race around in the 3 original tracks, the two new tracks from the Saturn CCE version as well as 3 new tracks designed just for this game. All of the tracks are awesome and I command you to love them. Some complain that the control is a bit twitchy, and they'd be right if they weren't morons! OK actually it is a bit twitchy if you try to control it in a traditional manner, but in order to get really good control, you must hold the analog pad UP at all times. You semi-circle around to the LEFT and RIGHT positions and that makes your vehicle control very well. This is the only real reason why I don't give the game a perfect 10, because not everyone knows to do this. Anyway, you have a ton of cars to choose from and lots to unlock as well. I prefer the Hornet as always, not sure why. You can race the tracks forward or backwards, or even mirrored. You can choose how many enemy cars are on the track during your race, and you can choose the number of laps to race... up to 40(!). The fun never, ever ends god damn it! You can play online with up to 3 other people if you still have some sort of dial-up internet account. It works pretty well, and I raced in many races with surprisingly little or no lag, it was fun. Unfortunately this game does not support the broadband adapter for the Dreamcast. Since I don't have dial-up internet, there is no way for me to test if there are any servers for this game left. My guess would be no.

Incredible draw distances abound. Be careful as that blimp
will drop packets of anthrax on you to try and slow you down!

Extra Extra!
Hey now, you know you love Daytona USA. You need to download this awesome Quicktime video that I made some time ago. It starts out looking at the original Saturn launch game, then you're looking at the Saturn CCE version, and then suddenly you're watching this game that's being reviewed right here, the Dreamcast version! Then it goes back to the original Saturn version really quick just for some contrast. The Quicktime is 45.8 megs, so it may take awhile to download (right click the link and "Save As" so you can keep it forever), but it is definitely worth it, and that I guarantee.

Wrap up:
This game is immortal.
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