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Shadow Dancer
Sega Genesis

Since the Japanese box was so cool looking,
Sega of America insisted that it be changed.
Ya don't want it standing out on the shelf or anything!!

Back in the early Mega Drive/Genesis days, there was a meeting over at Sega of Japan concerning the upcoming Shadow Dancer for the home console. One executive said "The arcade version kinda sucks, and so far only three people have played it". The other high-powered executives agreed. One of them cited "We don't want to port this game over to the Mega Drive/Genesis and have people hate and laugh at Sega. We want to wait until we invent the 32X for that." Then suddenly one brash newbie executive spoke up and said "How about if we reprogram Shadow Dancer so that it is actually a good game and people enjoy it?!" The rest of the room was awestruck at such an unheard of idea. They were also amazed as this was the first time anyone on the planet had ever uttered the words "Shadow Dancer" and "good game" in the same sentence. It took awhile to sink in, to say the least. Then the president of Sega stood up, all eyes fell towards his commanding presence awaiting his next, wise words. He said "That would be mad tight yo. The home version of Shadow Dancer will be the phiggidy phat tight bomb." And so the 4 megabit Shadow Dancer for the Genesis was created, and it had very little to do with the arcade.

The graphics are exactly 13
times better than the arcade.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics in the home game are much better than the arcade game, thankfully. There is much more color and an abundance of detail. The animation looked just like you'd expect from a ninja game, and you could even see the dog's poop-chute when it jumped to higher levels. You could not see the dog's hole in the arcade version, which is probably why not too many people played it. Dog anus is absolutely mandatory. You've got nice parallax backgrounds that you can jump behind, helicoptors trying to shoot you and your li'l doggy down and even caverns where it is hard to see at times since it is an evil cavern. Some of the backdrops look slightly similar to the arcade Shadow Dancer like the bridge scene, but of course it looks nicer on the Genesis. There is some very rare flicker in this game, usually when you use the ninja magic.

The stage 1 boss is back from the arcade.
His contract demanded that he be in a good game.

Sound: 8/10
Wow. The sound is light years ahead of the arcade sound. The music is not only listenable, but it's good stuff to boot! The sound quality is much higher than the arcade as well. Hell they even tried a little hip-hop-ness by adding some voices to the music in the bonus stage, which turned out to be a very cool effect from a cartridge game. The dog bark is taken directly from the arcade, and Joe Musashi makes little grunts when he jumps from level to level due to his chronic constipation.

Shoot all the ninjas as you jump off of the roof of a
340-story building and land on your feet without harm.

Gameplay: 8/10
Similar to the arcade, but it takes more cues from the original Shinobi. Now you are rescuing actual human beings in dire need of your assistance. It makes you feel good and like you've saved a life. When you rescue a girl you get a power up. I'll leave it to your imaginations to figure out how that happens. Some of the bosses are similar to the arcade, but the attacks are different. The game as a whole is much better than the arcade in every way imaginable. Some people bitch and whine about this game since it came after The Revenge of Shinobi. This game plays like the original Shinobi and not Revenge. Some people just couldn't handle that. They figured that EVERY Shinobi game had to be exactly like Revenge of Shinobi or it must suck. I'll tell you a little secret... people who think that are the ones that suck. This is a fast-paced arcade game, and people who think a fast paced well-made arcade game sucks just because it isn't Revenge of Shinobi are complete asswipes and don't even deserve to breathe. That's like being disappointed with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to da Past because it just isn't Zelda 64: TOOT. Morons. Anyway this is a great game and everybody should buy 6 copies.

The enemy tries to engage
you in a game if Frisbee?.

The music is exactly 254.6 times better than the arcade.
This Statutory of Liberty stage is a good example.

Wrap up:
Better than the arcade in every way, and an excellent Genesis game on its own.

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