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64-bit Interactive Multimedia System
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Hey man, I was thinking about starting up a review thread and this was going to be one of the first games I was going to review. The music in Soul Star is some of the best on the Sega CD system, simply awesome. I've played the Jaguar CD version of Soul Star, the larger color pallete and smother scrolling and better CG's look sweet. The Jag version is about 70% complete, to bad it was never released. Soul Star on the Sega CD does look better than anything the SNES could put out with Mode-7 and the SFX chip.

Where's the love for the Euro's? The Bitmap Brothers, Psygnosis, Bullfrog, Argonaut, Team-17, Rare, Core and Delphine Software made some of the best games during the 16-bit era. Those boys could code and know how to really push the hardware to the limit.
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