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For the mid to late 90's, I thought the Panzer games had some fairly good graphics, great gameplay, a wonderful atmosphere, and of course great music polished off the whole package.

Great reviews, Redifer. I enjoy RPG's that last in the 20 to 30 hour range. Any more and it starts to get tedious. I've always wanted PD Saga, but not till after it already cost a mint on Ebay. Damn, I remember seeing PD Saga on the shelf at EB back in the day, when the Saturn was dieing and there were like 20 Saturn games left on the shelf and it was only $50. I bought Primal Rage for the Jag CD instead, as it was on clearance and only $9.99. Then I went down to KB Toys and bought a couple more Jag games for under $10 each. Shoot me now!
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