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X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Sega Saturn

The game comes with the 4MB RAM cartridge!
Or maybe the 4MB cart comes with the game?
I dunno. I'm confused.

Back in the 32-bit wars, one thing true gamers would argue about is how close home fighting games were to their arcade counterparts. The games on the Saturn would almost always beat out the games on the PlayStation in this respect. But even still there were a few missing frames of animation here and there in most Saturn fighting games. Even though the Saturn had more RAM than the PlayStation as well as native 2D graphics, it just wasn't *quite* enough. Suddenly Capcom had this new game in the arcades called X-Men vs. Street Fighter which allowed 2 selectable characters per player as well as on the fly switching between them. That's 4 separate characters that have to be handled now instead of just 2 which could barely be done before. How the hell would home systems handle this? Load between character switching? Now way, you don't want to slow down the action like Mortal Kombat for the Sega CD. Ditch the second controllable character altogether except for when you use your super move? That would be incredibly lame and a piss-poor compromise, not to mention destroying everything the game is all about. Enter the 4MB RAM cart for the Sega Saturn. The game could now run in all of it's arcade glory at 100% on a home system. Capcom pleaded with Sega of America to let them bring the 4MB RAM cart to the US for this game as well as others, but Sega of America, having been burned by the Sega CD and the 32X, shunned the release for fear of the same type of backlash from people. Sega of America has never been smart. That's why people import games for their Saturn!

Stages also scroll vertically which is a feature
brought over from the Capcom X-Men arcade games.

Graphics: 9/10
Arcade perfect. That's the only way to describe the graphics. And the arcade game featured excellent graphics. The characters use a style of art that is almost identical to the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero series being that the characters are all portrayed as being very young. The X-Men characters are drawn in the Marvel Comics style with ink-shading and the like, but blend in quite well with the Street Fighter characters. The backgrounds all feature multiple layers of scrolling and sometimes multiple areas you can do battle in. For example if one member of each team dies on the crime scene stage or of there are a lot of throws happening, you will fall through the street and continue the fight in the sewers below, all with no extra loading. The animation is excellent as well. You can have two Juggernauts (the biggest character in the game) on the screen at the same time with zero slowdown or flicker. The Saturn is a very powerful 2D machine indeed. The screen often flashes with sparks and power adding to the overall presentation.

This'll teach Juggernaut to eat all of the cookies!

Sound: 8/10
You've got great sound here, and each character's voice comes through crystal clear. Smacks and punches sound perfect, and you'll be hearing them quite a bit. The music is great as well. It definitely sounds like Capcom, with the synthetic guitars constantly wailing in the background. Each character has his or her own theme music, with many standing out, particularly that of Cyclops. The music is presented in stereo for your enjoyment.

What's up with Dhalsim?
It looks like someone just shoved
a hot coal poker up his ass.

The final boss Apocalypse is a
cheap bitch on the hardest difficulty!

Gameplay: 9/10
This game is just too fun. It's one of those games that absolutely demands that you play it on the highest possible difficulty setting, which I always do. Switching between characters on the fly is brilliant and adds a touch of strategy to the game because when one fighter is offscreen, he/she can heal a certain amount. The control is perfect, especially with the Saturn pad. Just be careful when going crazy not to accidentally switch your characters! The game loads really fast and you'll always be on your toes. It loads a bit slower in 2 player mode, but not much. No matter what, just be prepared for a wild frenzy of a good time. Using complex finger-folding maneuvers, you can bring both characters onscreen at the same time to pull off an extremely powerful finishing move... that is if both of your characters are still alive (yes, they actually DIE if they lose a match. Dead. Forever. OK not really). Otherwise this game is pretty bare-bones and only offers arcade and 2 player matches, nothing like the later games in the Capcom fighting series'. But that's A-OK with me. What this game does it does well. And the roster only features 17 characters to choose from, and many people will be pissed that it doesn't offer the 443,659.4 characters like the later Capcom Vs. games. Oh well. Sucks to be those people, but I'm more than happy right here with this game!

You start battle on the street, but
as the battle rages you will fall into...

...the sewers! Is that smell... human excrement?
No! It's Ryu getting his sh!t ruined by Magneto!

Wrap up:
An arcade perfect must-own game for your Sega Saturn. Stay away from the far inferior PlayStation version!

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