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Magic Box Banner Contest

Alrigt, those of you who love to work with Photoshop, this is a contest for you. The powers that be have made a decree: We want a new banner for the Magic Box website. So crack them knuckles and design a banner that would be seen by everyone visiting the Magic Box.

There are a few restrictions: The image width must be 780 pixels in width, height is of no specific size, but try not to make it too large. The banner must feature characters associated from a broad selection of characters. The banner must have the Magic Box logo. The banner must be in .jpg format.

If you have any questions, post them here. Otherwise, get cracking. Post as many designs as you wish, there is no limit to the number of submissions you wish to submit. The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2004 at 12:01am. After that, the thread will be locked and the judging will commence.

Good Luck and have fun with it!

...and no turnips!!!

04.13 - The Magic Box logo is to be part of the design. You do not need to use the present logo.
04.13 - The banner is for the Magic Box main page ( and not for the forums.
05.01 - Contest Deadline is extended to July 1, 2004.
07.24 - A prize was announced: The Lik Sang E2 2k4 DVD. Deadline (seriously!) for submissions is July 11, 2004.

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