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Originally Posted by Einhander View Post
Always on DRM is sure great for gamers.
Most competent players realize that it's a necessary evil for a game like Diablo 3. They did it mainly to prevent duping and ruining the economy. Basically they learned their lesson from Diablo 2.

That being said, blizz should've had a login queue at launch. Would've made it go a lot smoother.

Originally Posted by northeastmonk
Ugh I get an Error 75 Blizzard server problem. I'd post mine if I could even log in. Seems like there have been a lot of problems with this, but Blizzard has a statement saying they are doing maintenance.
That's unfortunate. I've been able to log in and play fine since a couple hours after launch. They shut the servers down this morning for maintenance. Maybe you were trying at that time? Otherwise it should work for you.
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