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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations

The box art mimics that of part 2. Yay.

Yet another Phoenix Wright game means yet another purchase for me. This game can be called "Phoenix Wright 3" and was again adapted from a GameBoy Advance game. Nobody cares, though, as the DS version rocks. Phoenix Wright 1 as well as Phoenix Wright 2 were both really cool, and part 3 lives up to and exceeds them. It also introduces the suave Godot who wants nothing more than to see you fail. This is supposedly the final chapter in the Phoenix Wright story arc, and we'll see a new lead character in upcoming "Ace Attorney" games. I'm sure Phoenix will have plenty of cameos, though.

Story: 8/10
The story in this game is awesome. Where the other two games had a lame case each (Steel Samurai in the first game and that circus episode in the second), this one has none. Even though there is one flamboyant case, it is still quite enjoyable. Everything is well written and you'll get to see some of the origins of Phoenix himself as well as his hottie mentor, Mia. Humor is present and I even LOL'd a few times. Since the story is the main anchor of this game, it had damn well better be engrossing. It is.

This guy sure has a tight relationship with his ass.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are the same as before with new characters and backgrounds. No 3D polygons in this one, sorry. There is a bit of transparency on some character's clothing. The DS seems to have trouble fading in and out on transparencies, just like the SNES. But it doesn't detract from anything in this game. I'm just looking for something to write about in this paragraph, you see. The artwork in this game is awesome as always with great expressions and other nonsensical stuff like that.

There are a couple of typos in the game.

Sound: 8/10
Again much of the music from the previous games return as well as newly composed stuff. It still sounds like the TurboGrafx-16/PC Engine, but that can't be a bad thing. Some of the new music is quite sorrowful and really fits the mood and some "reinterpretations" of past themes don't sound quite as nice as the previous games (the Objection theme comes to mind), though they are all still awesome. Noriyuki Iwadare, composer of Devil's Crush and of course the world famous Steel Empire, is credited for the music in this game. He tends to be a bit more jazzy than the previous composers, but it works very well. I hope they keep him on for the rest of the series, but at the same time I love the previous music guys quite a bit. Hopefully they can collaborate. Godot's theme makes me laugh, especially since it is also his ringtone! It's just so... him!

This, however, is most decidedly NOT a typo!

Gameplay: 8/10
Pretty much the same as the previous two games with some slight tweaks. You can now choose how a witness alters their testimony in some cases. If it isn't working out for you, you can alter it back. The Psyche-locks return, but this time I really didn't get annoyed with them at all. That's probably because I had dealt with them before. Always save before trying to defeat a Psyche-lock. You can still shout "Objection!" and "Hold it!" into the microphone, but that is lame and only losers will bother, especially since you have to hold a button to do it in the first place... I wonder how many people acutally do that. The game moves on at a fairly brisk pace unless you really suck at gaming, but the game isn't short. It has 5 cases as opposed to the previous game's 4, but two of these cases seem a bit too short for me. I wanted there to be more cases. The final case is quite a doozy (yes, a doozy) and can take quite awhile. Since I only ever play the DS in bed before I go to sleep, this game took me a few weeks to finish. I had a great time the whole way through and often stayed up later than I should just to see what happened next.

Ummmm.... yeah. No comment.

Wrap up:
A fantastic sequel to the previous games and a great game in its own right. You don't need to have played through the previous two games to enjoy this, but it is highly recommended that you do. Phoenix Wright owns. The fact that a dude named Armando is in the game makes it a mandatory purchase. I really look forward to seeing what they do with the series next.
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