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A dozen reviews are out and they're all positive.

What makes Legend of Grimrock so fantastic is that, even if you beat it, you likely won't solve all of its puzzles and find all of its treasures. Grimrock begs for further exploration, testing party builds and the limits of the dungeon's inhabitants. And it isn't long (I finished in 34 hours, but I spent time trying out different characters, experimenting with many traps, and, ahem, got stuck once or twice; focused players should finish in 15 hours or so). Legend of Grimrock is a strong debut for Almost Human, and I'm excited to see what other dungeons they put out and the mods that players create.


But overwhelmingly it’s a superb experience, characters levelling up at a perfect rate, agonising choices about which skill to improve becoming like knife wounds when you struggle to find the right type of weapon – the game is so cleverly sparing in its distribution of everything, so something as simple as finding a mace can feel like a mad victory. And talking of which, there are few games where I’ve felt so elated at figuring out a puzzle that I’ve punched my arms in the air and declared to the house, “I’m so brilliant at games!” Along with all this, it does a splendid job of creating a creepy atmosphere, and a deep sense of weirdness. Also, it understands the need to carry skulls.
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