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Daddy and his little girl

Bioshock 2 -P3S

Story- 9
The story takes place 10 years after the original and you play as a big daddy in search of your lost little sister Elenore. You meet mostly new people with a couple of old characters. The story makes a lot of references to the previous game but i guess due to them not thinking of making a sequel when B1 was released, there was no reference to the chars in B2 from B1.

Graphics - 9
Overall graphics better than last game and little sisters dont look so messed up as before. Most enemy types makes a return and sadly that makes the game more of a facelift of many enemies than a lot of new ones although big sister does look very awesome.. The levels are all different so no "blast from the past" levels.

Sound - 9.5
Voice acting is very good, music is also very good although i think B1 had more scary scenes with music than this one though. Not much complaining here. There are many voice scenes throughout the game while you are just moving around - it is pretty interesting and a good way to move the story ahead.

Gameplay - 9
As a big daddy you can use plasmids while blasting away with an array of weapons, mostly new stuff since you are a big daddy now. The plasmids are probably 50% new and 50% old. You get a bigger selection of passive tonic powers and there are many old ones as well as quite a few new ones - some from you being a big daddy.

Each level is very big and very linear as well. Basically each section is goal oriented like "fetch this key" or "pull this lever". Some goals are even idiotic like "get a ticket"... why you could hop over or just bash the door open with your drill is beyond me heh...

The good:
overall very good game, not many flaws throughout playing the game.

enemies are repetitive and mostly rehashes from before but not a huge deal considering you are still in the same city so you can have total new enemies..

New section:
Rants: (note it contains major spoilers including ending(s)).

After beating the game i am not sure how big daddy died or perhaps he didnt. Elenore couldve saved him but instead sucked out his Adam and let him die??? Also, how exactly do normal people there survive with splicers running around and how do they not starve to deat? Unless there's a group of people which you dont see who are making food it is weird how people can stay alive down there being druggies and all.
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