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Did you edit this photo to make it look like it has a short depth of field? I just looked at it and then looked at your other photos and was like "what? did he use a different camera for this shot?"


I think the VC prices are a tad steep. I personally have no problem with emulation and downloading ROMs (sorry!), but I also think the VC idea is pretty neat and welcome a service that provides accurate emulation, on a console, of games I haven't played.

But honestly, I just can't quite see myself paying $5 for an emulated NES game, or $8 for an emulated Genesis game, especially when they sell several emulated games in various "Classics Collection" discs for $20-30. I can buy Sega Genesis Collection right now for $20 new, and it comes with 28 Genesis games, plus extras! To get that many Genesis games on VC would cost you $224.

I think if they lowered the price across the board by just 2 dollars, it would all be at a good, tempting price. This is just my opinion, and I'm not trying to start an argument, but maybe others share it with me.
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