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eh, the EQ2 7 day trial sucks unless they changed it. I remember you could only stay in the noobie island. I played EQ2 when it first launched, got to lvl 50 (Defiler) in 3 months. Not bad considering I spent about 12 hours a week. My biggest problem with EQ2 is their class tree and character itemization. Look at any high lvl plate wearers.. most of them have the same gear! COBALT COBALT COBALT, unless you're in an uber guild and raid dragons. But not everyone have the time to spend countless hours taking down epic mobs. The classes arent as unique as I like them to be. Look at the pally, sk, bruiser, guard skills. They are pretty much the same with different name and spell effects. Now I did hear they were changing the game up a bit. Revamping classes into their own tree. I'll give it to EQ2 for having a beautiful engine. Otherwise the game mechanic does not deliver an EQ1 successor.
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