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you will have to do mine cause I've unplugged my PS3 till they fix the crappy firmware update that's wrecking them, it's only happening to older PS3s! like sony wants to kill them off and make people get the newer slims!

So I've just been downloading PSP games! I just DOOD WHere's my car, by Prinny. for 9.99 and Badman and Pixel Junk Monsters Deluxe! YAHH so I got tons to play now!

Pixel Junk is online for the PSP! WOOO now if only the PS3 version was!

But I hope you didn't make a NEW PSN account, cause your PSP account if you had one before is the same one for the PS3 also. PSN is going to be working for a lot more electronics sony made also, like the new Ericcison phones, and some bluray players.
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