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Vampire's Rain doesn't deserve a review. The game absolutly SUCKS! Its horrible. The enemies run like they were out of the late 60's cartoons.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma - My review is short.

Graphics - Amazing. It was Deja' Vu with great graphics 9

Gameplay - The same brilliant sword style as NG on Xbox. The new bosses were tough, but the new arsenal of weapons added great replay value. Rachel wasn't as balanced as Ryu. The added difficulty shows itself very clear. 9

Story - The Dark Dragon Sword vs. Ryu Hayabusa (Super Ninja). The content made the story even better then the original - 8

Rent or Buy? Buy it!

Time it took me to complete - 11 hours (Not including the Missions)

What suprised me, is that the new "levels'' were not different, mainly the same area with a new boss. I felt bored fighting with just Racheal's Warhammer, and her hookshot sucked.

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