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This channel allows you to create the super deformed and simple avatars known as Mii. The channel is very basic and straightforward, doing exactly what it I just stated without many frills. Creating a Mii is easy enough to do that just about anyone with basic pointing skills can manage.

The general idea, at least at first, is to create a Mii caricature of yourself, and anyone else you think will be using your Wii. The given amount of hairstyles, eyestyles and other facial features allow you to give your Mii at least somewhat of a likeness to your actual looks. Now granted, some Mii end up looking more like their real life counterparts than others, but it’s not a feature to be taken too seriously.

My Mii is a handsome devil

Your Mii will be used in certain games to represent you, so as long as it looks somewhat like you and you can identify with it, then you will be fine. The only complaint I have about the entire process is choosing your Mii’s height, I would have preferred an option to enter your actual height so that all of your Mii would turn out proportionally correct to each other.

Lots of different features to choose from

Some people enjoy this feature more than others. I had fun making myself as well as the other members of my extended family. It was neat trying to get these silly caricatures to look like my family. Other people have really gotten into making Mii of just about anything, and it’s amazing at what some people have accomplished.

Some people really get into this

If your Wii has the WiiConnect24 service running, you may send your Mii to anyone you have registered as a friend. Unfortunately this feature does not notify you of a new Mii arrival outside of the channel. So say your friend sent you a Mii they made of themselves, unless they otherwise notify you, you will not know this new Mii is waiting for you until you enter the Mii Channel again.

This channel also gives you the option to transfer a Mii onto your Wii Remote, so that no matter where you take your Wii Remote to play, your Mii is available. There is also an option called Mii Parade in this channel, which displays all the Mii your registered friends have running across the screen. If you see one you like, you can grab it and add the Mii to your collection.

Overall this is a hit or miss channel. I thought it was fun for a little bit making my family, but haven’t touched it since. I will note however that people who don’t play a lot of games love to see their own character in the game they are playing.

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