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k fine! I will listen to you guys, I'm just going to put the money aside for now, instead of wasting 400 dollars on just upgrades, I will wait for a good sale and get the parts I want and build a new one. Usually a good sale will save me over 200 dollars for most parts.

I only need to upgrade to play BF3 anyways since it will be the only game I will have that will require windows 7, so I will wait till November at most till a good sale comes up.

edit: Hmmm, I was looking at dell for whatever reason and I noticed that the Alienware computers are on sale, like 300-1000 dollars in savings and pretty much, the exact same computer I was going to build is the same price at alienware, but with dual 560 Ti and Watercooling and it's already overclocked to 4ghz i7 2600k CPU.

Does anyone think this is a good idea to get, I mostly would do this also for the warranty, which is one year for the whole computer.

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