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Originally Posted by KingOfSentinels View Post
I'm pretty sure it can. Not entirely sure on the model itself, 180 Intel Maximus motherboard since I deliberately got one with SLI capability for the future. I saved all the pages of my bought parts but this one has been deleted from the site I bought it at so can't look at specs of it. Everything in my computer is reasonably new except for the CPU and RAM, since I did not buy new versions of these when building my current rig, with money constraints.

Always planned on upgrading but never got around to it, since I've never had any problems before, this is the first time the CPU has caused any sorts of problems with games. Even GTA4 with is quite a CPU intensive game ran brilliantly, and still does ignoring the constant freezing.
are you running stock cooling?

when i was doing heavy gaming on my q6600 it was heating up so much it burned up the thermal paste and all the games began running poorly also causing random freezing, I bought an after market cooler, reapplied thermal paste and it was good as new...just a thought

Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Wait, what makes you think its your cpu. That doesnt sound like a cpu issue. And the intel i760 is probably the best cpu if you're taking price and performance into consideration.

an i7 should never be in the discussion for best bang for the buck lol

that's not even considering that he would have to upgrade to new mobo, new ram, and new cpu...he doesn't have a job remember?

anyway find out if you can run a phenom x4 on that mobo cause that would easily be your best bet especially if you throw in a good aftermarket cooler to OC that bad boy

Originally Posted by Vegetto View Post

problem is the freaking quads for my mobo (socket 775) is frickin 340 dollars and there's absolutely no reason it should still be this high considering it's age, the price has even gone up since a year ago.

I def need a new cpu before BF3 comes out, I know that for sure, maybe i'll freaking just bite the bullet and build a new PC with the latest yummy i7 crap, but I need a freaking job for that to happen.
yea the lga775 quads are really expensive for various they are BEASTLY...OCing machines and large amounts of cache = GREAT for gaming

two...everyone is still on lga775 so they are pretty sought after cpus

i was able to find a q9550 for 190$+ shipping on a forum...insane steal
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