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Ok, I've figured out the correct translation for "shinyaku". It's neither "new testament" nor "new promise"!!!
I found this out after consulting a Japanese christian lady in my town here in Japan who knows this stuff quite well. Unfortunately none of my many dictionaries have anything on this.

Ok, there is the "kyuuyaku seisho" and the "shinyaku seisho". The former is "the old testament", the latter is "the new testament", when talking about the Christian Bibles. However, if you just have "kyuuyaku", it means "B.C.", or "the old era". If you just have "shinyaku", it means "A.D.", or the "new era".

So the title should be translated as "Seiken Densetsu: New era",
or "Seiken Densetsu: A.D.". Probably the "New era", seeing as it's a remake of the first Seiken.

Glad I got all that sorted out! :cool guy:
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