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Originally Posted by murray View Post
That is hilarious. I can no longer take anything you say seriously. So far you have said the inventory system in ME1 is good, called it an FPS, complained about the way ME2 let's you go about chosing your path and said WKC is a 9 graphically.c'mon. Mass Effect 2 stripped the awful inventory and customisation in favour for the bits of the game that matter, action, story and actual role playing, making moral decisions, building relationships... Not comparing numbers and spending hours in menus.

I need to be careful here or somebody is going to use the opinion defense that gets wheeled out every so often. It's cool if that's what you think, I think the earth is flat.
I agree with what you say. We shouldn't be making arithmetical comparisons of damage, weapons, etc... if we don't want. Factual comparison should be enough.

Bioware is trying to appeal to all types of gamers and have so far achieved that with their ME, DA franchises. One point that is missing though is bridging the gap between the oldschool RPGs and their current ones. DA: O is very number-oriented and ME2 lacks in character building.

An example of why numbers can be advantageous/disadvantageous: Seeing numbers all around removes immersion for some people and lower digits are useless (700 or 760 damage, what gives? Order of damage is the important thing). At the same if you read what damage you deal, then you'll quicker realize that there's smthg wrong with your new weapon.
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