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Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
Um. Leon’s actor doesn’t look white at all. But more importantly, he looks nothing like Leon (whose original character model was based on Leonardo DiCaprio).

The Dune sex change is awful as well. I don’t support that at all. Adaptations should be trying to bring the characters to life with minimal changes for the purpose of just making it work better. There is absolutely no reason to change the race or sex of a character generally.

And that certainly includes changing the race of minority characters to white.
OK. Well... i'm not sure what you consider white. The guy looks spanish. That is still white to me.
I mean, you can consider hispanic a different race, but they would only be a minority in the US, cause there are more of them than erm... i'm gonna go and say nordic whites is what you are getting at. Descendants from the people from northern europe.

Anyways, i think they were going for charm with Leon. I guess we will have to see how he looks with the different hairstyle and beard.

Oh,i looked it up. The guy is mixed indian and english. Funny how he came out looking hispanic. Lol! He is totally canadian british btw. I have trouble classifying him as anything but white.
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