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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
Erm... is this over the Leon and Jill actors? Cause the rest are completely white.
Honestly the Leon actor is pretty much white as well. Only the Jill one is mixed.

I don't really see what you are seeing here. I really like the Jill actress cause i know her from KIlljoys. She also played ghost in Ant-man and she did great work on both. I like her and i think she is perfect for Jill personality wise. She is mixed instead of white. Not a big deal.
For example, the Dune movie is sex changing Liet, which is way more drastic. This isn't so bad. You will like her.
Actually i like the Chris actor as well. I think they will have great chemistry together. I'm more worried about that Claire and Wesker tbh.
Um. Leon’s actor doesn’t look white at all. But more importantly, he looks nothing like Leon (whose original character model was based on Leonardo DiCaprio).

The Dune sex change is awful as well. I don’t support that at all. Adaptations should be trying to bring the characters to life with minimal changes for the purpose of just making it work better. There is absolutely no reason to change the race or sex of a character generally.

And that certainly includes changing the race of minority characters to white.
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