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Originally Posted by Princess Dai View Post
After getting curious about this topic. I was eager to get more information and I tend to not completely agree with you because an average Youtuber does earn something. Well according to this blog post i was reading, you earn through YouTube via advertising-revenue from Google AdSense. Pay is acording to the amount of views and ad clicks that your videos get. YouTube creators get paid per monetized view so even though the average youtuber doesn't earn a lot..they do in the end earn something. YouTube will then start placing ads after your channel cross 10,000 views (as per latest YouTube updates). In my opinion i still think it's worthwhile and i am seriously thinking of starting a cooking channel.
I know how it works. I have a channel. I've even gotten paid by Google (took over 160k views and 3 years but I finally reached the $100 threshold).

But if you factor in the time, equipment used, electricity cost used to make, I haven't made anything. It's a hobby, it's a vehicle to explore how to use Adobe Premiere, Audition, Photoshop better. It's how I'm self teaching myself basic fundamentals of sound engineering -and- basic lighting techniques. I used the $100 check to buy a very basic audio mixer just so I can have better control over my audio inputs.

You have a poor understanding of how many people are trying to skirt traditional jobs and become self-employed Youtubers and where the average lies among them. And let's not even start to detail the headache that is the legalities of being self employed.

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