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Originally Posted by memory to zack View Post
About OpenCL, it depends if the devs support it. Considering Microsoft agressive satance and the deals they close with Nvidia/Ati/Intel, everybody believes that Directx is far better. It may, or may not be, but the advantage of open source are sadly quickly forgotten.
There's a difference between an open standard and open source. Open source refers to products where the original source code is open to anyone that wants to make changes. Open standards are just standards designed to make compatibility easier.

Part of the reason why DirectX is so popular with game developers is Microsoft's domination of the OS market. Few developers choose to port games to other OSs (likely because they judge the market too small) - those that do are the ones that typically use OpenGL (OpenGL implementations are supported on Mac and Linux).

Regarding the GF100 series though - I think from a consumer perspective, there's no immediate need to buy a new card. It's unlikely we'll see full-fledged support from developers for some time because there's a lot of consumers out there without Vista/Windows 7. I've got a GTX280 myself and that will remain sufficient for several years.
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