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Originally Posted by zechin View Post
Gimmick so people only buy nvidia cards.

OpenCL will be compatible with both. physx is still nvidia only and isnt going to be tossed aside.

OpenCL way of the future.
Originally Posted by Dj Jimmi Zero View Post
The PC I've been putting together has parts specifically for ATI cards and AMD Processors. For what Nvidia does, it isn't as satisfying as ATI has been to me, and if you can find a better Nvidia card thats cheaper than the 5850 then I may bite, otherwise I'm sticking with what I know.
You're talking about price and performance for choosing ati, which is fine. The closest to the 5850 in terms of price would be the gtx275, and that ones cheaper. Some games its stronger then the 5850, but most of the games it isnt its about 10fps lower average if you buy the overclocked version of the 275, which is about $10 cheaper still. But these prices will change come march/april when the new nvidia cards are out.

But still I'm on my old 8800gts and that runs almost any game at max smoothly, unless I were to run games at 1900x res which is insane. It also depends on the monitor you have as ati runs better at higher resolutions. But still end of the day both cards will run any game flawlessly, but the difference here is the nvidia one you get extra graphic options and better drivers. I used to get ati cards. No more.
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