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Originally Posted by blueskied
Thanks for the hilarious review!! I'm always amused by people who review ikaruga without even taking the 2 minutes it requires to figure out the game system. I'm referring to the fact you didn't mention the chain system & bullet eating (and the related fact that it is usually more advantageous to kill enemies as the same color, rather than the opposite color as you erroneously state), which are ikaruga's greatest appeals and innovations. This is really
the reason so many people play this game 500+ hours and consider it the best
shooter ever crafted. Please don't even compare it to Radiant Silvergun, especially since you admit you've never even played it and sadly you cannot spell it either (cf. "Radient" in your post)!!! Yet you assume RS is better for some mysterious reason. You're a funny guy (in an ignorant sort of way). As someone who has played both, I can say RS really pales in comparison to ika. Also, WTF is Zero Wing 2? Are you referring (in a way which shows you really know nothing about shooters) to Zero Gunner 2? Zero Wing was an arcade shooter by Taito from 1989 ported to the Genesis and TCD in the early 90s, but they never made a sequel.

A piece of advice:
If you're going to review a game, at least take the time to learn the game system,
spell previous games in the series correctly, and use the correct titles when referencing other related games on the system and/or in the genre.
do your homework
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