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Dante's Inferno


For the record, I have not played any of the God of War games, which from what I've seen is the major complaint about Dante's Inferno--that it's essentially the same game in a different setting. I also am unfamiliar with The Divine Comedy, and most aspects of Christian religion, so excuse me if I've missed something factual.

The story is pretty straight forward: Dante's on an adventure to find his love in the depths of Hell. Each level you go downward into different sins/circles of Hell (lust, anger, gluttony etc.). Nothing too exciting or shocking, just a basic go save your love from Hell type story.

You begin the game by defeating the Grim Reaper (at least, I think that's who it was) and obtaining his scythe (melee), which becomes one of 2 main weapons. Your second weapon is the holy cross, a projectile weapon. Throughout the game, you can also obtain a handful of magic spells. Controls are pretty basic, nothing too complicated or exciting. With each kill, you collect souls, which you can redeem on the holy side (to make your cross stronger) or the unholy side (to make your scythe stronger). Also throughout the game you come across relic holders. Relics give a certain advantage, such as earning more exp or a chance to stun etc. You also come across sinners and certain demons, who you can absolve or punish, granting holy or unholy experience respectively.

The game is graphic, but not overly gory. Actually, there are a lot of boobs in this game. I mean, like.. a ton. I guess people don't have shirts in Hell. The cinematics were well done & well placed. Although the story isn't anything to brag about, I did enjoy it anyway.

Overall, the game took about 6 hours, however, I did half a second runthrough so I could get another acheivement and it went WAY fast. I could have done a whole other runthrough in 3 hours. Also upon the first completion, you unlock arena mode, which is a monotonous 50 levels of waves, that really do nothing but give you souls & experience. It was boring. Replayablility is low. The game was fun, but definitely not worth $60. With few hours of gameplay, and it's closeness to God of War (so I hear), it's rentable at best.
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