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Originally Posted by spider-prime View Post
yup, use it with retropie.

But, I've been thinking of buying some everdrives and a pandora box 6, the Pandora box for arcade games and the everdrives for the consoles. Read those are awesome for the older systems since the roms are running on original hardware, so games like on the N64 will run a lot better than the shitty emulators on the PC.

Can't wait for the Switch to be fully modded for homebrew and emulators since it will be one of the best systems to emulate games from, mostly cause of Wii games, cause they still have the motion controls out of the box and the portable screen will make playing handheld roms better. Since the resolution won't be so huge. Playing Gameboy games on the big screen is awful looking.

But right now, I'm in the process of making backups of all my disc based games, so I can play them over the computer or other devices. Plus, they won't last forever, disc rot will hit them allllllllll. So I really want backups that are mine and not downloaded from the internet.
Recently I found some old ps1 games that came in cardboard instead of the plastic cases that had deteriorated quite badly. Street Fighter Alpha and King's Field and am happy to report they ripped perfectly. King's field was released in 94 so that disc is either a quarter century old or near enough to it. I hope all my discs hold up so well.
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