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Originally Posted by Reality View Post
I gotta agree with Spider. People look at politics to much like its a game of Red vs Blue.

262 Republicans
386 Democrats

I only post this to prove one point. Everyone on this list was elected because he or she said they were better than the other guy.

Now for me personally, I wanted to give Bernie a chance this term. But the DNC was the first ones to make sure his chances was as low as possible. TWICE. My guess is he was going to get to involved in their checkbooks and "Eyes wide shut" parties.
What does that list matter? It spans hundreads of years.
From what i know the democrats were in power far more often than republicans, so it makes sense. But, it is completely irrelevant to the situation today. I never said Democrats were good except for fringes like Bernie. I said republucans are far worse.

They are openly trying to rig the elections for god's sake. Why defend them? There are different levels of bad. The Republican bad far outweights the democrat bad currently.

I am no fan of Biden, but at this point anything is better than Trump. 4 more years of his corruption and it will end with a dictatorship.
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