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Really Spider? You think those are on the same level?

Trump made unverified, unscientific statements This study that CNN is reporting on seems sketchy af. It's one of several, all of which didn't verify any correlation. That just tells you this study is likely faulty and the differentiating factor is something else.

Cmon now. No, the two sides are not the same. There is no totally good side, but the republicans are clearly MUCH WORSE than democrats. They steal, they corrupt, they ignore the law, they promote racism and discrimination, they spread disinformation and they are incompetent. There are thousands of people whose deaths could have been avoided if there was a competent government. The Republicans effed up the education system, as they still are, so ignorance reigns and the people are easily fooled and manipulated. The Raegan funding law is also BS and forces manipulation into political candidates in order to get funding.
No, let's not pretend both sides are the same. I am not American, but i see a hell of a lot of difference between the two. Democrats are a normal political party in a faulty system, Republicans are outright trying to scam everyone for self profit. There is a difference.

That is why the US is clearly a s**thole country like Trump likes to say others are. Doing worse than Brazil on Corona! Brazil is a s**thole country! It has favelas, criminality and drug cartels largely aloof and poor people on the streets. I expected them to be hit the worse cause they are dumb, filthy and corrupt. The fact that ignorance has been so ingrained in the American educational and political systems are in clear view on how Covid is handled in the US. I am thankful i wasn't born there, with all respect to all the Americans that post here and are smart and good people. But, the country is poisoned. It really is.

To recover, in November the people need to give the senate and presidency to the democrats, but the democrats need to make huge reforms to undo all the damage that has been done and they usually are happy just not doing much. That is the problem. You got a clearly nefarious party and a party that is happy with the status quo, except for it's fringes, but Bernie has already been pushed away. So, the net result here is that it keeps steadily moving to a worse outcome. I hope that the people can overcome the lies and deceit and vote on their self interest rather than in the misinformation being handed to them.
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