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Lost Planet

This ones got me interested. The game looks very nice, though I would prefer some non-snow screens since snow is a good cheating way to use less detail and make it look good. I'd like to see some hills and trees or urban areas. Its a 3rd person action game from some bloke called Keiji Inafune. 360 exclusive.

The combat's fun - largely because of the control system and the quality of the visuals. As your bullets and rockets find their targets, the landscape erupts in fiery showers of snow, leaving you to cut through the smoky aftermath. It's a great effect, and it feels good to play. It's a third-person game, and uses the typical two-stick approach, but the camera doesn't follow you inch for inch; there's a bit of wiggle room before it actually starts turning, so you find yourself actually aiming at enemies rather than just doing the old trick of strafing to find them with the crosshair - so often an annoying necessity in games with large analogue dead zones and such. Headshotting enemies with the rifle is a lot easier than it is any number of similar titles, and while the demo doesn't allow you to invert your aim, apparently this will be sorted out.

That said, it's hard to say the combat's fun because of the enemy intelligence or a need for tactical awareness - at this point, it's actually not that hard to stay alive, and it feels very gung-ho. The game seems to use a Halo-style recharging shield system, but it also seems to recharge whether you're under fire or not, and you only really come unstuck if you run out of T-Eng, which isn't very often. There's definitely a lot of good to be said for stomping around hangars taking on hordes of Starship bugs (they really are the spitting image), or creeping through caves gunning down flying beasts, but you don't feel like you're in much danger at this stage.

This is most apparent when you're up against the bigger enemies or bosses. Giant bugs launch themselves out of the ground and try and stomp your mech with spiky legs, but a brute force approach puts paid to them, while mech versus mech battles are very much firepower over fleet-footedness. The boss battle at the end of the first stage, meanwhile, involves a sort of spiny armadillo which curls itself up and spins around the roof of the cavern you're in, and the idea is to concentrate your fire on its glowing orange weak spot - once you're in a mech, it doesn't take long to sort him out with a few well-placed rocket launcher rounds, and while it's certainly a spectacular encounter, again it's more of a showpiece than a struggle.

As E3 demos go, Lost Planet's definitely a looker. It's explosive fun, with a few nice concepts to get your head around. We're also promised 32-player multiplayer over Xbox Live, which should be interesting. Ultimately, the E3 demo gives the impression that it could go either way, but providing Capcom's refinement of the health system works out, Lost Planet could be stellar.

I'd like to see some video clips at E3 ofcourse. Theres a stack load more pics at the site above with a little extra info on the game, and the link below has 5 HUGE screens which I didnt feel like destroying the thread ratio space with.
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