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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
I honestly struggle to understand it. Is it the 3DS croud that is buying it?

I personally don't see a better reason to buy one than i did for the WiiU. Actually the Wii U was the most powerful system for a short while. The switch is basically a WiiU with remote gamepad and it's insanely overpriced. There aren't even any games for it. Ports of WiiU and previous gen stuff for the most part. It drives me insane. I don't know what it is people see on it.

I say this cause i ponder getting one, but i don't see a good reason to do so. Xenoblade 2 is the only thing that would interest me, but not in the same way Xenoblade X did.

Why spend 400 euros on that when i can wait a year and get a ps5 instead. Heck, with all those new studios, even the new Xbox sounds more appealing as a second purchase. Switch is a mario box, i guess. It just doesn't do it for me.
Not interested in Octopath traveler? I would have figured that whould be right up your isle.
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