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A better option with better protection would be the German Engineered SpyBot* Search and Destroy. It's free its the best free tool man trust me. I'm not advertising im just saying thats what I use and it found stuff on my buddys computer, 148 trojans and spywares he didnt know about! And it finds little spywares taht get on my comp, but I dnot get alot so lol ya. That's where u get it. It could make ur games go alot faster! Again im not advertising just giving advise lols.
Also, concider contacting your service provider and asking for a dynamic IP, one that constantly changes. Or, check if you already have one and go to start menu, RUN, type in COMMAND, and on the black DOS screen type ipconfig /all. That will show your IP and IP info. Type in ipconfig /release, wait 5 minutes, or 30 seconds whichever u can manage at the time, and then type in ipconfig /renew. You should now see information displaying your computer, showing a NEW IP address. This will stop hackers cold. And try getting both a Hardware and a Software Firewall. Hardwares you have to payfor but there are great free software firewalls like ZoneAlarm. Get all those things and scan regularily, and if you can spare the cash get soemthing like Norton Antivirus to protect against worms and stuff. One thing none of those can protect against is viruses and worms and trojans and spys that are INSIDE PICTURES. so if you're in a porn site lookin at chix, be carefull what site ur at because the pic can be encoded with a virus! Everything besides that though, can be fixed and prevented using the options I provided. Hope that info helps some ppl! Kk peace

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